Sunday Short Takes

Welcome to 2018! I have some stuff from the end of 2017 – and a few new things – that didn’t get posted in my very lazy break from work.

* Westminster Abbey’s attics yield a treasure trove of stained glass

* Hull’s Henry VIII blockhouse dig ‘bit of a gem’

* She opened her own doors: ASU history professor retires from pioneering career – Article about historian Retha Warnicke upon her retirement from Arizona State University

And finally – the program on Lady Jane Grey that I mentioned back in August is now scheduled to air on BBC 4 on January 9, 10, and 11.

More info: Episode 1, Episode 2, and Episode 3 and a trailer –


  1. Thanks for the update on Retha Warnicke! I always enjoyed her books, which always offered interesting sidelights and new perspectives on well-known historical narratives. I hope she may continue to publish in retirement.

  2. You’re welcome! And if her retirement is anything like that of the academics I work with, she will probably still be productive for a while to come (especially without a teaching load). 🙂

  3. I am, right now, watching the third episode of England’s Forgotten Queen and am thrilled to see Stephan Edwards as the key Lady Jane expert alongside Helen Castor, Anna Whitelock, and John Guy among others. Congratulations to Stephan!!

  4. That is indeed excellent news! I am glad he is being recognized for his ground-breaking work on Lady Jane.

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