Upcoming Books, Events, and Exhibitions for September 2018


Quite a few new releases this month!

First up, Matthew Lewis has a biography of Richard III coming out on September 15 in the UK and US:

Next up, Rival Queens: The Betrayal of Mary, Queen of Scots by Kate Williams will be out September 20 in the UK and later this fall in the US under the title The Betrayal of Mary, Queen of Scots: Elizabeth I and Her Greatest Rival:

Diarmaid MacCulloch’s newest work, Thomas Cromwell: A Life is out September 27 in the UK and October 30 in the US with the slightly different title Thomas Cromwell: A Revolutionary Life:

Lauren Mackay takes a look at the male part of the Boleyn family in her newest work Among The Wolves of Court: Thomas and George Boleyn which is out in the UK at the end of the month and February 2019 in the US:

And finally for this month, Margaret Tudor: The Life of Henry VIII’s Sister by Melanie Clegg will be released September 30 in the UK and early in 2019 in the US.


The 2018 BBC History Weekends will be in Winchester on October 5-7 and York from October 19-21. I know tickets sometimes run out for these, so I’m posting them a month ahead of schedule. Click on either of the banners to go to the page for that event to see the line-up and book tickets! (One of these days I’m going to actually make it over there for one of these events…)

Continuing Exhibitions

Royal Sudeley 1000 – Trials, Triumphs and Treasures – Sudeley Castle has refurbished their exhibition rooms for their 2018 open season that runs from March 5 to December 21.

Picture of the Week #508

Ruins of the Abbey of St. Mary, Kenilworth. Photo May 2015.

St. Mary’s was founded in the 12th century and, not surprisingly, was dissolved in the reign of Henry VIII. The ruins are now part of a park that also houses the parish church and is a short walk from the castle.

Picture of the Week #507

Remains of Castle Acre Caste. Photo May 2015.

The original motte and bailey castle (parts of which you see here) were built in the early medieval period and had fallen into ruins by the late 14th century. In the Tudor period it passed through the hands of several prominent figures such as Thomas Howard, Thomas Gresham, and Thomas Cecil (son of William Cecil and half-brother of Robert Cecil).

Upcoming Books and Exhibitions for August 2018


I knew some things got past me in recent months, so here are a couple of those books:

Imagining Shakespeare’s Wife: The Afterlife of Anne Hathaway by Katherine West Scheil came out in the UK back in late June, but the US version will be released at the end of August:

And the most recent work of the late John Ashdown-Hill, The Mythology of the ‘Princes in the Tower’ was released in July in the UK and will be out in November in the US.

And in other new releases Gender, Family, and Politics: The Howard Women, 1485-1558 by Nicola Clark is coming out on August 9 in the UK and October 9 in the US.

Continuing Exhibitions

Royal Sudeley 1000 – Trials, Triumphs and Treasures – Sudeley Castle has refurbished their exhibition rooms for their 2018 open season that runs from March 5 to December 21.

Sunday Short Takes

Yes, really, a Sunday Short Takes!! I finally had a confluence of enough stuff to post and time to actually post it.

First up – a couple of competitions are back this year!

* Tudor Ghost Story Competition at On the Tudor Trail

* Tudor Calendar Competition from The Anne Boleyn Files

Next – a few other things!

* Talking Tudors – Natalie at On the Tudor Trail has started a podcast!

* Tudor shipwreck discovered by local group on Kent beach

* Royal Mail will release stamps featuring Hampton Court Palace

And finally…

The first trailer for the Mary Queen of Scots movie starring Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie has been released:

(Thankfully I’m pretty good at disconnecting my amateur historian brain when watching historical fiction on TV or the big screen.)

Picture of the Week #500

Carvings under the Anne Boleyn Gatehouse at Hampton Court Palace. Photo May 2015.

When I was continuing the long, slow process of editing all of my photos from three years ago, I finished this one and thought it would be a good choice for the milestone of Picture of the Week #500. I knew I had used a similar one from a previous trip and when I looked it up, low and behold, it was the one I used for the earlier milestone of #100! So here is a new version of that previous photo, this time a more centered view and natively digital and not from a scanned photo negative.