Picture of the Week #672

Window in Castle Rising Castle, Norfolk. Photo May 2015.

This narrow, deep-set window is of the kind you’d expect to see in a largely defensive medieval structure, but there are larger windows in other parts of the castle that has caused some disagreement among historians about just how much the castle was designed for defense. The large earthworks seemed pretty imposing to me – but I was there as a tourist and not an invading army. 🙂

Picture of the Week #667

Tomb of Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk at St Michael’s, Framlingham. Photo May 2015.

Last week was the anniversary of the death of Thomas Howard so I had to pull a photo of his tomb. I seem to recall that it was hard to get a photo of his part of the tomb figures (without crawling over ropes) but I managed to get an angle that shows that epic carved beard.

Picture of the Week #665

The Hathaway Bed at Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, Shottery, near Stratford-upon-Avon. Photo May 2015.

This bed was made sometime between 1580 and 1650 and if this was the (in)famous “second best bed” left to Anne in Shakespeare’s will, then that’s not too shabby! There might be more images of beds in the next few weeks since I’ve started going back into the office 3-4 days each week and I’m getting less sleep now. 🙂

Picture of the Week #664

Mosaic pavement in Norwich Cathedral. Photo May 2015.

This mosaic reminded me of the magnificent Cosmati Pavement at Westminster Abbey although the one at Norwich is not actually a Cosmati and is much ‘newer’ since it dates from the 19th century. A younger, more ambitious version of me (or maybe a future, retired version of me) would make a quilt of this!

Picture of the Week #659

Stained glass window at the Church of St Michael, Framlingham. Photo May 2015.

I tried to do a little digging to figure out whose arms are in the center of the window but I didn’t have any luck. If anyone knows, please leave a comment!