Picture of the Week #701

Garden center at Castle Acre Priory, Norfolk. Photo May 2015.

This is another view of the garden that I showed in Picture of the Week #608. I said then that if I had a house with a yard, I would do something like that and… well… I’m about to move back into a house with a yard. I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to started until next fall/winter (summer is too hot in Texas for a lot of landscaping!) but I’m definitely planning to get some gardens going!

Picture of the Week #691

Ruins of stairs at Framlingham Castle. Photo May 2015.

I’m not exactly sure what part of the castle this is the ruins of. It was outside the walls and on the way to the beginning of the path around the Mere, but other than that, I’m not sure architecturally what this section was (and the guidebook didn’t have quite enough detail for me to figure it out).