Sunday Short Takes

Feels weird doing this while part of my state drowns but other than some small donations there isn’t a whole lot I can do at this point until the rain stops here and elsewhere (and it looks like that won’t happen until the end of the week). So, while I continue to try to distract myself, here’s a news round-up!

The big announcement of the last couple of weeks was the discovery of more parts of the old Palace at Greenwich. Here’s a sample of the news coverage:

* Discovery of old Greenwich Palace sheds light on Tudor life

* Greenwich Palace: Archaeologists discover ruined remains of Henry VIII’s birthplace

* Part of Henry VIII’s Birthplace Discovered

In other news:

* BBC Four announced the upcoming series Lady Jane Grey: To Kill A Queen (scroll down on page)

* Divers to explore Alderney’s Elizabethan wreck

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