Sunday Short Takes

Time for a Sunday Short Takes!

* Dynastic Rivalry and Digital Reconstruction at Bradgate House – Interesting work on the reconstruction of Bradgate House for a new visitors center at Bradgate Park.

* Tudor Calendar Photography CompetitionThe Anne Boleyn Files is hosting a calendar photo competition again this year, so pick out your best Tudor-related photos!

* Tudor women: what was life like? – Elizabeth Norton writes about the life of women in all levels of Tudor society

* Tour Westminster Abbey on Google Street View


  1. I think – maybe someone can confirm – that the rivalrous Anne Stafford, Countess of Huntingdon, who stars in the Dynastic Rivalry link is that same sister of Buckingham who allegedly was an early mistress of Henry VIII – another sister tattled to Catherine of Aragon about the affair, precipitating a big quarrel between king and queen.

    Interesting sidelight on Jane Grey’s background!

  2. I can’t keep all of Henry VIII’s mistresses (or supposed mistresses) straight, but I do find it interesting that Jasper Tudor became Anne Stafford’s stepfather.

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