Picture of the Week #399

Kenilworth Castle. Photo May 2015.

New month, new theme! This time we’re going to Kenilworth Castle in honor of the famous visit by Elizabeth I in July 1575. I visited Kenilworth on my whirlwind trip in 1998 when I tried to squeeze so many things in because it was my first visit to Britain. I spent a few hours there and took a pathetic 6 or 7 photos. So, when I was planning last year’s trip, I decided to go back and plan to spend a lot more time there and, thanks to digital photography, take A LOT more photos. When I went in to get my entry ticket, the guy (hearing my American accent) said something to the effect of “I’m guessing you haven’t been here before?” and I got to see the surprised look on his face when I said “actually, yes I have!” But, it was 17 years previous, the stables were mostly closed for renovation, Dudley’s gatehouse was completely closed because of restoration work, the new Elizabethan gardens weren’t there, and the viewing platforms in Leicester’s Building weren’t even a glimmer in someone’s eye (as far as I know). So this visit was almost like visiting it again for the first time!

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