Sunday Short Takes

The Telegraph has posted its obituary for Eric Ives:

* Professor Eric IvesProfessor Eric Ives, who has died aged 81, was the author of the definitive biography of Anne Boleyn and a much-loved figure at the University of Birmingham, where he served as head of the Modern History faculty and pro-vice-chancellor.

And in other news:

* Morning glory: England’s cathedrals – Images and essay by Peter Marlow chronicling his journey to photograph all of England’s cathedrals. The book of his photographs is now out in the UK and will be out soon in the US (and is going on my wish list!)

* Queens Consort: England’s Medieval Queens – Podcast of Lisa Hilton’s talk at the Tower of London. (It technically only includes one Tudor queen – Elizabeth of York – but I thought you all might find it interesting!)

And finally –

* Mary Queen of Scots teen drama ‘inspired by Game of Thrones’ – I have to admit that this looks kind of fun (although I shudder to imagine the treatment the real history will get!)


  1. Haha! That sounds awesome (but horribly historically inacurate of course!) Can’t wait to watch this and laugh my bum off.

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