Sunday Short Takes

* Alas poor William, I knew him: Scientists in bid to dig up the grave of Shakespeare to work out how he died

* New Battle of Bosworth trail reveals the true location of the historic English battlefield

* BBC History Magazine’s August 2011 Tudor Special

* BBC – Your Paintings – From the “About” page: Your Paintings is a website which aims to show the entire UK national collection of oil paintings, the stories behind the paintings, and where to see them for real. It is made up of paintings from thousands of museums and other public institutions around the country.


  1. Thanks for the links, especially the Tudor Special. Very interetsing.

  2. Keith Braidwood

    There will be outrage if they dig up Shakespeare to try find how he died. Look at what happened with Tutankhamun, the story seems to change every five years or so. It would be better if we tried to find out more about how he lived as despite his body of work, we still know relatively little about the man himself and his immediate family. I tried to put something down in my blog based on my interpretation of existing evidence but it was frustratingly difficult.

    Thanks for the nod re BBC History magazine, I’ll pick up my copy tomorrow. Marc Morris did a very good TV series a few years ago called simply ‘Castle’ which necessitated a cycle out to Tantallon Castle, a few miles east of Edinburgh.

  3. So much for the great man’s entreaty that is plain for all to see in the church,

    “Good frend for Jesus sake forebeare,
    To digg the dust encloased heare;
    Bleste be the man that spares thes stones,
    And curst be he that moves my bones.”

    Well, they have been warned!

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