Picture of the Week #129

Stained glass of John Knox at the John Knox House in Edinburgh, Scotland. Photo May 2000.

Although the place is known as “John Knox House”, he probably never even visited the house. It is a late-15th century mansion along the Royal Mile in Edinburgh and in the 16th century it was owned by goldsmiths who refashioned the Scottish crown for James V. Sadly, I didn’t take any other photos inside the house since it was pretty dark and I was shooting on film (I can’t wait to get back to a bunch of these places now that I use a DSLR!), but some of the interiors are amazing. I have a thing for uneven wood plank floors and wood-panelled rooms and it was full of them!


  1. Keith Braidwood

    Beautiful isn’t it. I’m fortunate to live less than five minutes walk from Holyrood Palace so often walk the length of the Royal Mile and pass it. Sadly the reference of it being Knox’s house is a 19th century one.

  2. Braidwood Kirkliston?

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