Proposal to add corona to Westminster Abbey

From The Times Online:

St Paul’s and St Peter’s are famed for their spectacular domes, and Florence Cathedral is regarded as a wonder of Renaissance architecture.

At Westminster Abbey, though, where kings and queens are crowned, poets are buried and martyrs commemorated, only a “stubby little tower” marks its centuries of glory.

Now the Dean and Chapter of the abbey are hoping to build a £10 million “crowning feature”. The new corona is likely to be the most dramatic addition to the London skyline since the Swiss Re building, known as the Gherkin, opened in 2004.

The corona is part of a £23 million development plan that will involve a huge fundraising campaign if it wins approval from several regulatory bodies. The public will be consulted on the design of the corona, which will replace the lantern, a small, plain concrete, pyramid roof above the crossing that stands in front of the high altar where every monarch has been crowned for the past thousand years.

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Before seeing this article, I don’t think I had ever really thought about the lack of a large spire or tower above the crossing at Westminster, like you see at pretty much every other great cathedral in England. I’m curious to see the plans for the new addition.

Here’s a quick screen shot of Westminster Abbey from Google Maps, with an arrow pointing to the area they are talking about making the addition.

Update: Here’s a link to the press release from the Abbey, which includes some more information and a link to the exhibition page.

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