Just one more post today

Sorry for the flurry of posts today (and I still have a few more draft posts that I’ll save for tomorrow). As usual, I feel behind during the week, and of course this was a BIG week in Tudor history with the 500th anniversary of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon’s coronation on Wednesday and Henry VIII’s birthday today.

I’ve created a Twitter account for Tudor stuff, as opposed to my personal Twitter account where I mostly post science and personal stuff. The address for the Tudor feed is http://twitter.com/tudorhistory. Right now I’ve mostly been posting links when I’ve updated the blog (although I’ll refrain from posting a link to this post, since I’m pretty sure the feedback loop from that will create a hole in the space-time continuum). I’m also going to do an occasional “Today in Tudor History” once I get organized.

And for those of you eagerly awaiting the next podcast episode (I *think* there are at least one or two of you!), it’s going to be a little late. There is an outside chance I’ll have it finished before the end of the month, but if not, look for it next weekend.

That’s the update from hot and steamy Texas! Hey, it’s expected to only reach 100F (37.7 C) for most of next week, as opposed to the 105F+ (40.5 C) temps we had all last week! And it’s only June…. it’s going to be a LONG summer…

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