Doing some website updates

At this point some old-time site visitors are recovering from a fainting spell. Yes, it’s true, I’m really working on the actual site, not just updating the blogs and podcast!

Whenever I starting working on the site proper after a long spell, I always think of when Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory started up again after he closed down because the workers were stealing his secrets. Well, I don’t have yummy chocolate and candy to share (or any creepy Oompa Loompas to help me out), but I will be updating some entries, adding some new pictures (including quite a few from my 2003 trip to the UK that I finally scanned from the negatives) and various other things. I need to re-organize and cross-link some things too, but that might take some more tweaking. I’m also going to start doing individual “updates” pages for each person, etc., so you can keep track of what I have added, updated or corrected. There will be a link at the bottom of each individual page to its “updates” page. I sort of borrowed the idea from Wikipedia, although I won’t be keeping copies of the old versions of the pages (some of them that I wrote over 10 years ago are almost painful to read since I think my historical writing has improved since I originally started the site!). I’ll try to do a blog post summarizing recent updates periodically for folks who are interested.

PS: And for those of you whose calendar already reads April 1, no, this isn’t an April Fool’s Day joke. I really am working on the site!

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