TudorCast #22- March 2008

Featured website: English Heritage http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/
Images of England: http://www.imagesofengland.org.uk/
PastScape: http://www.pastscape.org/

Wikimedia link for fan vaults: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Fan_vaults

Oriel window images:

Shakespeare’s Birthplace

Sudeley Castle

Hampton Court Palace

Portcullis images:

Bodiam Castle

Westminster Abbey exterior (can you find all five portcullises?)

Music from Magnatune.com
La Primavera, The Dufay Collective (album “Cancionero”) and Jacob Heringman (album “Jane Pickeringes Lute Book” and “Blame Not My Lute”)

Intro – “Greensleeves” by La Primavera on “English Renaissance Music”
After news – “Larouse” by Jacob Heringman on “Blame Not My Lute”
After “This Month” – “Galliard” by Jacob Heringman on “Jane Pickeringes Lute Book”
After glossary – “Baloo” by Jacob Heringman on “Blame Not My Lute”
After text – “Dindiridin” (excerpt) by Dufay Collective (album “Cancionero”)
After closing – “Differencias sobr’el canto” by Dufay Collective (album “Cancionero”)

Episode Transcript

Direct mp3 download

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