Picture of the Week #610

Part of the ruins of the Abbey of Bury St Edmunds. Photo May 2015.

Last week was the anniversary of Mary Tudor Brandon’s burial at the Abbey, so I thought I would use another picture of the ruins. From the shape of this section, I’m guessing it was the apse of the abbey church. I’m not 100% where in the ruins Mary’s original burial would have been, but her body was moved just a few years later to the church of St. Mary’s when the abbey was dissolved.

Picture of the Week #608

Garden center at Castle Acre Priory, Norfolk. Photo May 2015.

I loved this little space next to the information center at Castle Acre Priory which is evocative of a medieval walled garden. If I had a house with a yard I would totally do something like this!

Picture of the Week #607

Part of the kitchen area at Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, Shottery, near Stratford-upon-Avon. Photo May 2015.

I think this choice of picture is emblematic of the fact that I’ve been following a lot of cottagecore Tumblrs lately.

Upcoming Books, Events, and Exhibitions for July 2020

I finally have enough things to do a round-up post again! Yay!


Tudor Textiles by Eleri Lynn was actually released back in April in the UK and US and I completely missed it, so better late than never:

Laura Brennan’s Elizabeth I: The Making of a Queen was released back in April in the UK and is now out in the US too:

Nicola Tallis’ book on Margaret Beaufort Uncrowned Queen: The Fateful Life of Margaret Beaufort, Tudor Matriarch (UK title) Uncrowned Queen: The Life of Margaret Beaufort, Mother of the Tudors (US title) was released back in late 2019 in the UK and will be out in late July in the US:

And finally, Glenn Richardson’s biography Wolsey (part of the Routledge Historical Biographies) will be out July 20 in both the UK and US:


To celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Field of Cloth of Gold, Hampton Court Palace was due to open a new exhibition on April 10, but is now delayed until the Palace interiors re-open on July 17. In the meantime, enjoy the information about it on the Palace’s website.

The Royal Museums Greenwich will be uniting the three versions of the Armada Portrait for the first time for the Faces of a Queen exhibition. I would love to see this so I’m going to be jealous of anyone who gets to visit! (This exhibition is currently closed but this is still some interesting information about the portraits on the page.)

The exhibit has been pushed back to February 2021, so I’ll post it again in the new year!

First round of updates done!

You might notice that things look a little different here on the main blog! When I went to upgrade and migrate to the new server, I discovered that I couldn’t use my previous WordPress theme so it was a good time to search for a new one. I’m still playing around with things so don’t be surprised if things look a little different each time you visit over the next few days/weeks/months. Mostly I’m just happy that I got all of the old posts and comments over to the new blog since that was a little dicey for a while there!

Blog and server upgrades coming

Hello to any readers who stumble upon this before the upgrading starts! My webhost is going to be migrating to new servers over the month of June and I’m really hoping that it will solve some issues I’ve been having for a few years now. I haven’t really had the time to migrate to a new webhost so I just stuck it out. Part of the upgrade process may impact the blog part of the site, so I’m going to do some testing in their ‘sandbox’. BUT, before I can to that, I have to do some upgrades that may also muck things up before I can even get to the testing part. I’m trying to back everything up in every way I have available, but there is still a chance things will break. If something goes awry, check the Q&A blog and/or my personal blog since they are hosted on Blogger and won’t be affected by these issues.

Picture of the Week #602

Portrait of Anne Boleyn at Hampton Court Palace. Photo May 2015.

This portrait came up in a discussion on Twitter this morning, so I thought I would use it today. And tomorrow is the anniversary of Anne’s coronation too! (I would have used a portrait of today’s birthday girl, Margaret Beaufort, but the only photo I have of her portrait at the Palace has a lot of window glare on it. Oh well!).

Picture of the Week #601

Heading towards Henry VIII’s Kitchens at Hampton Court Palace. Photo May 2015.

I was at Hampton Court this day in 2015 and it’s hard to believe it has already been 5 years since my last trip to the UK. In 1998 this was the day I flew back to Texas, in 2000 I was in Wales and visited Chirk Castle and Valles Crucis Abbey, and in 2003 I went to Greenwich and saw the Elizabeth I exhibition. Lots of good memories!

Site updates!

Yes really! It took being in ‘stay at home’ mode for over two months during a worldwide pandemic to get time to do it, but I actually have been updating things on the main site. For several years now, most of the activity on the site has been here on this blog and on the Q&A blog, and even that has fallen from peak levels of a few years ago. A large part of that is that I went through a big job change about 4 years ago and it ate up more time and a LOT more of my energy. But with the pandemic, a lot of the most energy-consuming parts of my job are on hold since they deal with crowds of people and departmental visiting scholars and obviously none of those things are happening right now. Plus I get back all of the time driving to and from the office! (I am looking forward to getting back into the office eventually, but I’ve got to say that I really like the 3-second commute from my bedroom to my dining-room-turned-office!)

I have been wanting to consolidate and re-work some sections of the site for quite a while now and simplify the main page and I am finally making some progress on that. Some of this is to clear out some old and outdated things and to lay groundwork for an eventual whole site rework I want to do. I’m going to list all of the changes below more for my own future reference than anything else since I really doubt most people would find it interesting. 😀

* I’ve removed the “FAQ” section (and the link from the main page) and taken the info from those pages and incorporated them into a new “About This Site” page and the reworked “Contact Information” page. I’ve also incorporated the info on the old “Copyright, image use, and linking information page” into the “Contact Information” page. I’m going to be changing all of the links on the sidebars of pages to the new pages too.

* I removed some old and outdated information on the “Student Help” page, which has left it pretty barebones. I’ll either consolidate it into another page or fill it back out with updated info, but I’m still trying to decide which.

* I’ve gone through and updated the “Links” section and removed dead links. I’ve moved the “Elizabeth and Elizabethan England” links into the “People” links to consolidate stuff. I’ve also removed some links in a few categories that I’m no longer adding new links to (these are usually the ones that drew the most annoying, spammy link requests so good riddance!). I’m also working on the “Image Use Contacts” page and will add it to a few more places. I’ve removed some dead links but I still need to update it with some new contacts. The big problem with updating that page is that the “image use” page (if it exists at all) is one that tends to get moved around so the info on my page can quickly get out of date. So for now I’m just linking to main pages in most cases. I’ve also moved the “Movies and TV” page into the “Links” section and will eventually remove it from the main page.

* Removed some “Secondary Sources” in the “Texts and Documents” and added links to them on Google Books and the Internet Archive. I’ve left one that I couldn’t find on either of those sites, but if it shows up I’ll remove my version.

* Removed my old “Recommended Reading” list that was from a Tudor History class I took in college over 25 years ago.

* Updated the picture on the “Places” index page and removed the places that I have been intending to add but I haven’t yet. Those are still coming soon though! And I have SO MANY new photos to add from my trip in 2015. I also updated the title picture on the “Black and White Tudor Buildings” page to a new one of Palmer’s Farmhouse and updated the caption.

* I’ve finally cleaned up most of the “Topics” section. I’ve moved most of the stuff that’s going to the “Glossary” section and I removed some old, barebones stuff. I’m still working on the pages that need to go over to the “Who’s Who” section so those are still there for the time being.

* I’ve migrated the posts from the TudorCast blog into this blog, which you can access thought the “podcast” category on the sidebar. Even if I ever get around to podcasting again, I’ll just completely relaunch everything since my old stuff got so out of date.

I think that’s it for this round! Once I finish some more of the “housekeeping”, such as finishing the remaining behind the scenes tasks to get the site fully secure, I’ll move on to working on content. In particular, I’m probably going to be working on the “Places” section since I have so many more places to add that I’ve visited and lots of new photos to add for places that I’ve re-visited. Stay tuned for more!

Picture of the Week #600

Courtyard of Oxburgh Hall. Photo May 2015.

All of my trips to the UK have been in the second half of May because that’s one of the easiest times for me to take two or three weeks off work, I thought it would be fun to see where I was on this date during those trips!

1998 – Hatfield House and Old Palace and Windsor Castle
2000 – Travel day from London to Bangor, Wales and resting up
2003 – Canterbury Cathedral and Dover Castle
2015 – Blickling Hall and Blakeney and the Norfolk Coastal Path

Here’s hoping there won’t be another 12 year gap before I’m able to get back!

Picture of the Week #599

Palmer’s Farmhouse at Mary Arden’s Farm, Wilmcote, near Stratford-upon-Avon. Photo May 2015.

Today is Mothers Day here in the US so here’s a photo of a place associated with Shakespeare’s mother, Mary Arden, although it turns out that the building next door to the one above is actually the one the Ardens owned. The whole property is still called “Mary Arden’s Farm” though and is definitely worth a visit when things open back up!

Picture of the Week #598

Blakeney, Norfolk, England. Photo May 2015.

Not strictly Tudor related, but as I’ve mentioned before, Blakeney was a big seaport from medieval times through to the 20th century, so it would have been a hoppin’ place in the Tudor era! Now it’s a nice seaside village to spend a lazy Sunday in. 🙂