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4 March 2018

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12 June 2016

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Tudor, Renaissance and British links of interest, as well as a few other things!
Some links may appear in more than one category.

Tudor History

General Tudor history

The Tudor Monarchs and Other Figures in Tudor History (except those listed separatey below) - Updated 31 January 2016

Elizabeth I and Elizabethan England - Updated 12 June 2016

Shakespeare (including Stratford-upon-Avon, the Globe, etc.) - Updated 14 August 2016

Tudor Discussion Lists and Forums

Other Related Topics from Medieval and Renaissance History

Archives, Libraries, Texts, and Manuscripts - Internet libraries, author-specific, and literature collections, etc. (Shakespeare sites are above, maps listed separately below) - Updated 4 March 2018

Daily Life - includes religious information, wedding customs, women's studies, science and technology, and more - Updated 29 January 2017

Fashion, Costuming, Armor, and Needlework

Historical Food and Drink - Updated 18 March 2016

Language and Writing - Latin, history of English, paleography and handwriting, etc.

Music and Dance

Renaissance Faires, Re-enacting, and Living History - Updated 29 January 2017

Royalty, Heraldry, and Genealogy - Updated 24 September 2017

Other Resources

Authors and Historians

Bookstores, Publishers, and Book Information

British History - General resources and pre- & post-Tudor British history, including historical maps of Britain - Updated 29 January 2017

British Landmarks, Towns, and Regions - including some general historical architecture with British entries - Updated 2 January 2018

Education Sites - Lessons, lectures, tips, etc. from grade-school to college level

General History Resources - And a few other things! - Updated 29 January 2017

Maps - Historical maps and map collections (reference and reproductions to purchase)

Museums and Art-Related Pages

Travel Information - including maps, accommodation, etc. - Updated 11 June 2017

Writing and Research Resources - info for writing papers and historical fiction; punctuation, style and citation guides, etc.


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