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Old English

Anglo-Saxon Aloud - Podcasts of Old English poetry

Middle English

Middle English Compendium

Early Modern English

Cotgrave's 1611 French/English Dictionary

Lexicons of Early Modern English


Learn Medieval Latin - Online courses from the UK National Archives

Latin - English Dictionary

Latin Word List


Dictionary of the Scots Language

Scottish Language Dictionaries

Paleography, Handwriting and Manuscript studies

English Handwriting 1500-1700 - An online course

Late Medieval English Scribes - Online catalog of scribal hands

Medieval Manuscript Manual

Paleography: reading old handwriting 1500-1800 - From the UK National Archives

Scottish Handwriting - Paleography of Scottish Documents from 1500-1750

Shakespeare's World - Transcribe handwritten documents by Shakespeare's contemporaries

Etymology and History of the English Language

Behind the Name - entymology and history of first names

Languages-on-the-Web English links

Online Etymology Dictionary

World Wide Words

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