Daily Life


Arts and Sciences of the Middle Ages and Renaissance

The Casebooks Project - A digital edition of Simon Forman's and Richard Napier's medical records of 1596-1634

Currency Converter - from the UK National Archives

Current Value of Old Money

Everyday Life and Fatal Hazard in Sixteenth-Century England

Florilegium Urbanum - Collection of primary source texts illustrating aspects of medieval life

Life and Death in Elizabethan Norton

Medieval Calendar Calculator

Medieval Child Marriage - Paper by John McLaughlin, PhD

Medieval English Urban History

Medieval and Renaissance Games

The Medieval and Renaissance Wedding Site

Medieval and Renaissance Wedding Rites

The Pertpetual Calendar - great for keeping track of all those calendar reforms

Renaissance, The Elizabethan World

Rosalie's Medieval Woman

Stefan's Florilegium - Lots of great info!

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