Tudor Monarchs and Other Figures

Henry VII

The Henry Tudor Society

The Henry Tudor Experience - site dedicated to Henry VII


Henry VIII and His Wives

The Anne Boleyn Files

On the Tudor Trail - Retracing the steps of Queen Anne Boleyn

Tales of Curiosity - The Six Wives of Henry VIII - Short video on Henry and his wives

Henry VIII: Intrigue in the Tudor Court - Free board game for 5 or more players set in Henry's court

Elizabeth I and Elizabethan England

Before Shakespeare - ocuments bthe beginnings of London commercial theatre, 1565-1595

New Year's Gifts for Queen Elizabeth

Renaissance, The Elizabethan World

Selected Poetry of Queen Elizabeth I - From the University of Toronto

Selected Writing and Speeches of Elizabeth I

Wardrobe Warrants of Queen Elizabeth I


Mary Queen of Scots

Mary Queen of - site for the Mary Queen of Scots books of Robert Stedall

Mary Queen of Scots from Historic Scotland - history of the Queen and places to visit

The World of Mary Queen of Scots - Official site of the Marie Stuart Society


Amy Robsart

Amy Robsart and Cumnor Place

Bess of Hardwick's Letters - The complete correspondence c.1550-1608

Blanche Parry

Christopher Marlowe

Drake's Circumnavigation

Edmund Spenser Homepage

Francis Bacon

Hans Eworth - The Virtual Home of the Hans Eworth Catalogue Raisonné

John Dee Society

John Dudley, 1st Duke of Northumberland

Magaret Beaufort

Tudor Women - An electronic update to Kathy Lynn Emerson's book "Wives and Daughters"

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