Upcoming Books, Exhibitions, and Events for February 2024

Hello February! I’m hoping the 2024 version of this month is a lot better than some of the more recent ones (extreme cold snaps, ice/snow storms, and power outages – multiple years, finally getting Covid – last year… etc.)

New Books

A few new Tudor-related books are due out in February and even though I don’t keep up with actually *reading* a lot of Tudor history books these days, I’m looking forward to some of these for even I do get back to history reading.

First up is a new work from Nicola Tallis on the early life of Elizabeth I, which will be released on February 29 in both the UK and the US, under slightly different titles:

Young Elizabeth: Princess, Prisoner, QueenPurchase at Amazon UK

Young Elizabeth: Elizabeth I and Her Perilous Path to the CrownPurchase at Amazon US

Next up is Women’s Lives in the Tudor Era by Any McElroy, which will be out in the UK at the end of February and in April in the US:

Purchase at Amazon UK

Purchase at Amazon US

And finally, Kateryn Parr: Henry VIII’s Sixth Queen bu Laura Adkins will also be out at the end of February in the UK and in April in the US:

Purchase at Amazon UK

Purchase at Amazon US

Continuing Exhibitions

Holbein at the Tudor Court opened at The Queen’s Gallery at Buckingham Palace on November 10, 2023 and will run through April 23, 2024.

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