Upcoming Books, Exhibitions, and Events for December 2023

Welcome to the final month of 2023! When we were suffering through that horrible summer I never thought we’d get to the cooler months of the year.


This month we’ve got a few books that have be previously been released in the UK that will be out this month in the US.

First up is Gareth Russell’s The Palace: From the Tudors to the Windsors, 500 Years of History at Hampton Court, which was released in the UK in the summer and will be out on December 5 in the US:

Next up is The Great Survivor at the Tudor Court: The Life and Times of Lord William Paget (US title) by Alex Anglesey, 8th Marquess of Anglesey, which will be released on December 12 in the US after an October release in the UK.

And one that I missed last month (even though I posted about the exhibit that it’s part of!) is the book Holbein at the Tudor Court, a companion to the exhibition currently on at Buckingham Palace. This one is on my wish list since there’s no way I’ll make it over to see the exhibit itself. It was released in early November in the UK and will be out in January in the US.

And finally, another one that I missed last month that was released at the end of November in both the UK and US, but is still quite seasonally appropriate – Christmas With The Tudors by James Taffe:

That’s it for books in December since I don’t have any new releases for this month on my tracking sheet. (Say it with me…. ‘that probably means I’m missing some books!’)

Continuing Exhibitions

Holbein at the Tudor Court opened at The Queen’s Gallery at Buckingham Palace on November 10, 2023 and will run through April 23, 2024.

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