Upcoming Books, Exhibitions, and Events for January 2022

Happy New Year! I know a lot of people are saying “wow – 2021 went by fast” and somedays I’ve felt that too. But on the other hand, at times it felt like it lasted a decade (especially one particular week in February for us here in Texas). Here’s hoping for a good 2022 – I think we all deserve a break at this point!


A few things from last year were released in the new year here in the US, including both of the “Book of Days” books from Tudor Times:

And I originally had Phillipa Vincent Connolly’s Disability and the Tudors: All the King’s Fools out in the US in February, but it looks like both the hardcover and Kindle editions are available now in both the UK and US:

I also had mentioned Bosworth: The Archaeology of the Battlefield by Richard Mackinder as out back in November in the UK, but I think it might have been delayed (as soooo many things have been of late) and it is now due out at the end of January in the UK and on Kindle in the US. The US hardcover edition is due out at the end of February.

Finally, in new releases, an academic work (i.e. very expensive) titled The Tudor Sheriff: A Study in Early Modern Administration by Jonathan McGovern is due out on January 21 2022 in the UK and on March 1 in the US.


Peterborough Cathedral‘s annual Katharine of Aragon Festival for 2022 will be held on January 27-30 this year.

Continuing Exhibitions

Ending soon!

The Getty Museum in Los Angeles, California is holding an exhibition titled Holbein: Capturing Character in the Renaissance that opened on October 19, 2021 and will run through January 9, 2022.

The British Library‘s new exhibition on Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots opened on October 8 and will run through February 2022. You can book tickets at the website linked above.

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