Upcoming Books, Exhibitions, and Events for November 2021


A number of new books are due out in November in the UK and hopefully the global supply-chain woes won’t interfere with their releases!

First up is Tracy Borman’s newest work Crown & Sceptre: A New History of the British Monarchy which is due out on November 18 in the UK and will be out in February in the US.

Next is Disability and the Tudors: All the King’s Fools by Phillipa Vincent Connolly, which has already been delayed thanks to the pandemic so I hope it actually is finally released at the end of the month! It’s also due out in February in the US.

And finally, Bosworth: The Archaeology of the Battlefield by Richard Mackinder is also due out at the end of the month and in February in the US.

And a few books that have already been released in the UK will be released in November in the US.

First up, King & Collector: Henry VIII and the Art of Kingship by Linda Collins and Siobhan Clarke will be out in the US on November 1.

And Amy Licence’s Living Like a Tudor: Woodsmoke and Sage: A Sensory Journey Through Tudor England will be released in the US on November 2 with a slightly different title: Living Like a Tudor: Woodsmoke and Sage: A Sensory Journey Through Tudor England.

And Susan Doran’s companion book to the British Library exhibition Elizabeth and Mary: Royal Cousins, Rival Queens will be out in paperback on November 15 in the US.

New Exhibition

Only “new” this month because I missed it when I was writing last month’s round-up!

The Getty Museum in Los Angeles, California is holding an exhibition titled Holbein: Capturing Character in the Renaissance that opened on October 19, 2021 and will run through January 9, 2022. It’s always nice to be able to feature a Tudor-related exhibition over here in the US, even if this one is too far away for me to travel to see.

Continuing Exhibitions

The British Library‘s new exhibition on Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots opened on October 8 and will run through February 2022. You can book tickets at the website linked above.

The British Library will also be hosting TudorFest on December 4 both online and at the British Library Theatre. Click here for the line-up and ticket details.

The Royal Museums Greenwich united the three versions of the Armada Portrait for the first time for the Faces of a Queen exhibition. I’m not sure of the end date on this one, but I’m guessing it will be on for a while since it was delayed for so long.


The Royal Shakespeare Company‘s production of the theatrical adaptation of The Mirror and the Light – the third book of Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall Trilogy – opened at the Gielgud Theatre in London on September 23 and will run through January 23, 2022.

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  1. I’ll put in a plug for G.W. Bernard’s “Who Ruled Tudor England: Paradoxes of Power,” a collection of essays by the historian that offer some surprising new insights – although you may not agree with his assessment that Henry VII was “installed” as a “French puppet” (I know he’s your favorite Tudor!). It’s dry, though, like his books “Anne Boleyn” Fatal Attractions” and “The King’s Reformation.”

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