Upcoming books for April 2021

Events and exhibitions seem to still be on hold for a little while although it looks like some will be resuming soon. But the publishing schedules seems to finally be getting back to normal, so it’s time for a new book round-up!

First up is Sarah-Beth Watkins Elizabeth I’s Last Favorite: Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex which was just released in the UK and will be out in the US in a few days. I’m trying to remember of any recent books on Essex himself and not just part of an examination of the reign of Elizabeth I, so this is good to see!

Next is King & Collector: Henry VIII and the Art of Kingship by Linda Collins and Siobhan Clarke which will be out in April in the UK and in November in the US (although it appears the Kindle version will be released in April in the US as well – the link below is for the hardcover pre-order). This looks to be an interesting exploration of Henry VIII as a patron of the arts, especially for art on his favorite subject – himself! 😀

I’ve been looking forward to Nathen Amin’s latest book, Henry VII and the Tudor Pretenders: Simnel, Warbeck, and Warwick for a while so I’m glad to see it finally coming out in April in the UK and in May in the US. I think this was one of several books of people I follow on Twitter that got hit by COVID delays.

This next book in the Chronos Crime Chronicles series is out at the end of the month and is titled Chronos Crime Chronicles – Jane Parker: The Downfall of Two Tudor Queens? by Charlie Fenton.

Finally, The York Princesses: The daughters of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville by Sarah J. Hodder is out at the end of the month in the UK and the US. I think the other princesses tend to get overshadowed by Elizabeth of York, so it’s nice to see an exploration of her sisters’ lives.

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