Upcoming Books for September 2020

Just a book round-up this month!

I missed a couple of things that did manage to come out in the past couple of months. The publication schedules do seem to still be in flux though so I can’t promise that some of these release dates are 100% accurate!

Previously Released

First up, the third book in Elisabeth Wheeler’s Catherine Howard trilogy, The Queen Shall Fall is now available and can be ordered through her website.

Next up, 1520: The Field of the Cloth of Gold by Amy Licence was released in the UK back in July and will be out September 1 in the US:

New This Month

Lauren Mackay’s Wolf Hall Companion will be out on September 3 in the UK and in October in the US:

Sean Cunningham has written the entry for Henry VII for the Penguin Monarchs series and it *might* be out in the US on September 1 and in June 2021 in the UK. I’m going to go ahead and list it now just in case it does actually release in the US this week. (The Penguin Monarchs edition is the new release, but the paperback version listed with it is actually the bio of Henry VII that Sean Cunningham wrote for the Routledge Historical Biographies series that was published several years ago).

That’s it for this month! I hope you all are doing well. We’re still in “stay at home as much as possible” mode here in central Texas pretty much through the end of the year, so I’m still primarily working from home and only going out for groceries. It’s a little monotonous, but I do like staying out of the Texas summer heat as much as possible! 🙂

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