Upcoming Books and Exhibitions for June 2019


Here’s a book that I missed last month, but I had to include it because I’m so happy to see more work on Thomas Harriot, an overlooked scientist from the early era of modern astronomy. As some of you might recall, I have a degree in astronomy and I’m also very interested in the history of science and Thomas Harriot has been a pet interest of mine for a while after I came across his early sunspot drawings (in fact, he was probably the first person to observe them with a telescope). Early astronomers did a variety of things to observe the sun without burning their retinas and one method Harriot employed was observing the sun at sunrise through the mist over the Thames. So romantic! (This is where I put on my solar astronomer hat and say “don’t look directly at the sun without specialty equipment that is certified as safe for looking at the sun!”)

Thomas Harriot: A Life in Science by Robyn Arianrhod was released in early May in the US and at the end of May in the UK.

Continuing Exhibition

The Many Faces of Tudor England opened at The Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth (England) on March 18 and will run through the of the year. Admission to the exhibit is including with the admission to the museum.

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