Upcoming Books, Exhibitions, and Events for January 2019

Happy New Year! Best wishes to everyone for a great 2019!


I totally missed this one last year – Elizabeth I of England through Valois Eyes by Estelle Paranque was released in October in the US and in December in the UK. This is another work in the Queenship and Power series that has been running for a while now.

Tracy Borman’s Henry VIII and the Men Who Made Him is now out in the US after a release last fall in the UK.

Margaret Tudor: The Life of Henry VIII’s Sister by Melanie Clegg came out back in September in the UK and will be out in early January in the US.

And finally – Michael Bayus has produced an audiobook entitled Project Grey Noise about Jane Grey finding herself in the 21st century and trying to set the record straight on her history. I could have sworn that I had blogged about and/or linked to an earlier version of this project *somewhere* on this site but I can’t find it to save my life! Regardless, you can learn more about it and purchase the audiobook through the website ProjectGreyNoise.com or clicking on the cover image below!

Exhibition Ending This Month

The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston is hosting an exhibition organized by the National Portrait Gallery, London entitled Tudors to Windsors: British Royal Portraits from Holbein to Warhol which opened on October 7, 2018 and runs through January 27, 2019. (I still haven’t had a chance to get over to Houston to see this, but I might be able to over the MLK weekend – we’ll see!)


Peterborough Cathedral’s annual Katharine of Aragon Festival will be held this year from the 25th through the 27th of January. You can learn more and get tickets at their website!

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