Sunday Short Takes

Hey, look – a Sunday Short Takes! It’s not like there has been a lack of Tudor news lately, but I have been lacking in time to sit down a write up a post about them.

A lot of the big news of late has been archaeology related and this first story managed to run it’s whole course before I had a chance to write about it.

* Campaigners lose 2nd Battle of Bosworth as £26m car testing track is approvedCouncillors at Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council have controversially given the green light to the 83 acre testing facility that intrudes into a portion of the historic registered battlefield.

* ‘Would we build on Passchendaele?’ Anger as car track at Bosworth approved

And in better Tudor archaeology news…

* Likely birthplace of Henry VII found in Pembroke CastleA dig in the castle’s grounds has uncovered the walls of a ‘showy’ late medieval house

* Trial trenching at Pembroke Castle – From the Castle Studies Trust, a funder of the dig.

And a few more stories of interest!

* Wherefore art thou? Exhibition celebrates Shakespeare’s Shoreditch originsA permanent exhibition is to be created in Shoreditch on the site of the London theatre where William Shakespeare perfected his trade as a playwright and actor.

* Palace where Henry VIII once slept is set to be saved from being turned into housingPlans are in place to hand over ownership of the historic Archbishops’s Palace in Otford to an independent conservation trust – saving it from housing developers.

* Glamping goes Tudor: historians to remake Henry VIII’s opulent tentA spectacular temporary palace designed to impress the king of France is to be reconstructed at Hampton Court

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