Sunday Short Takes

Time for another round-up! Finally got a few stories to post.

* Archaeology Week at the Mary Rose MuseumDuring the Festival of Archaeology 2017 the Mary Rose Museum welcome visitors to hear from archaeologists involved in the world’s largest underwater excavation and from the team working hard to preserve and display her in a unique and stunning museum. (Sorry I missed this for the monthly event round-up, but still got it posted before the actual event!)

* Lifting the lid on The Vyne – Conservation continues on the roof of The Vyne, and now you can watch the work with a new walkway and view platform. You can learn more about the project at the National Trust Website.

* We Wear Culture – Fashion through the ages has been added to the Google Culture Project. Right now there is one Elizabethan item featured on the launch page, which you can see here (be sure to zoom in all the way on the picture to see some of the details of the stitching).

And finally…

* TNT’s new series on William Shakespeare, simply entitled Will, debuted on July 10th in the US. Trailer below:

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