Sunday Short Takes

Short round-up this week, but I wanted to get one more in before the Solstice, Festivus, and Christmas so I could wish everyone celebrating a “Happy Holidays”!

One story lit up my alerts more than anything else this week:

* The Lost Tiltyard Tower – Archaeologists at Hampton Court Palace have uncovered the remains of one of the palace

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  1. I enjoyed Leanda de Lisle’s article on Jane Grey. She’s right when she says Jane is usually depicted as an innocent, but I just wanted to mention Suzannah Dunn’s recent Lady of Misrule, an interesting take on the queen’s character. Narrated by Jane’s lady-in-waiting during her imprisonment in the Tower, the story presents Jane as a shrewd, cold, politically alert – and fully aware – hardline Protestant cadre. Chosen and carefully trained by the evangelical clique from earliest childhood, Jane’s always been their candidate to rule England when the right opportunity arose. She’s a victim, but one without illusions, and unsentimentally prepared to face her doom – and if the case was reversed, to victimize her political enemies in furtherance of her religious cause. Dunn has taken liberties with the evidence, but come up with one of Tudorfic’s few novel approaches to Jane.

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