Sunday Short Takes

Short round-up this week!

* Duke of Gloucester launches £500,000 Fotheringhay Church appealThe Duke visited the church on Wednesday, September 16, to kick-start the appeal to raise the cash to repair the roof and windows, as well as providing a water supply, heating and disabled access. – I was hoping to get to Fotheringhay on this year’s trip but I ended up unable to squeeze it in so it had to get moved to the ‘some future trip’ list. Maybe I’ll get to visit a newly-repaired church in a few years!

* Westminster Abbey lavatory block gives way to medieval burial findRemains of at least 50 people, all believed to date from 11th and early 12th century, discovered during demolition work to make space for new tower – These skeletons way pre-date the Tudor period, but I can’t pass up any interesting story related to Westminster Abbey!

* The stuff of the living pastHistorians try to produce as total a view of the past as possible. Yet does our concern with facts isolate us from how material culture influenced lived experience, asks Suzannah Lipscomb?

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