Sunday Short Takes

This first story really caught my eye and I will be extremely jealous of the people who get to do it!

* Westminster Abbey to open Henry V’s Chantry Chapel – Includes details for how to enter the ticket lottery

* Exciting find made by archaeologists at Bradgate Park digThe first season of the archaeological dig, organised by the University of Leicester, has ended and turned up trenchfuls of new Leicestershire history.

And finally, here is a story about the upcoming release of a performance of music from Anne Boleyn’s songbook, including videos of Alamire performing some of the music:

* Anne Boleyn put together a songbook – and now one choir is bringing it to lifeWhat was Anne Boleyn’s taste in music? Who were her favourite composers? And what would this music have originally sounded like? Conductor David Skinner has set himself the task of finding out.

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