Sunday Short Takes

Cowdenknowes Estate

I’m finally getting back into the groove of things after vacation!

* Where’s Wolsey? Hunt is on to find the remains of Cardinal Wolsey in Leicester – This isn’t really much of a new story since the topic has come up a few times since Richard III wad discovered, but it’s interesting that it has stayed in the news. I was originally planning to visit the abbey remains while I was in Leicester but I couldn’t really fit it into the schedule. Hey, if they find Wolsey and further develop the site, it would be a good excuse to visit the city again!

* Help save Shakespeare’s first theatreFunding of £7 million is required to excavate the eastern side and create a visitor centre for the Rose Playhouse.

* Stunning fairytale mansion where Mary Queen of Scots stayed just a year before she was forced off the throne goes on sale for £1.8million – Yes, another property to add to the wish list.

* Shakespeare Or Not Shakespeare, That Is The Question – The big ‘new image of Shakespeare found’ story broke while was on vacation (and, ironically, *in* Stratford-upon-Avon) so I didn’t have a chance to follow it closely. But I’ll say that from the quick glances I had at the stories, I was pretty skeptical. This article seems to be a good analysis of the whole thing.

* Micropasts – Photo Masking Mary Rose Objects – Help the Mary Rose Trust digitize their collection!

And a couple of fun videos to round out the week’s news:

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