Sunday Short Takes

Yes, it’s finally back! There just haven’t been a ton of stories lately, so I’ve let a few stack up and am finally doing a round-up.

* My favourite painting: Matthew Girling‘This ethereal image of Elizabeth is one of Hilliard’s most enigmatic. But, for me, it’s the depiction of the jewels, rubies and pearls that I find mesmerising.

* Westminster Abbey’s secrets in the attic to go on displayRestoration work will allow unprecedented access to rarely visited triforium – and to the many recondite artefacts it holds – I cannot wait to visit again once this is open!

* Scotland’s first statue of Mary, Queen of Scots, unveiled outside Linlithgow Palace

And for anyone planning a summer vacation in London:

* Your Ultimate Guide to Royal London – You can download a PDF version of the guide at the link

Finally, here’s a really neat video about the project to rebuild the staircase that leads up to the White Tower of the Tower of London, using medieval techniques:

From forest to fortress: the Tower of London White Tower staircase project

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