Sunday Short Takes

I think this week has a record number of videos!

But first, another in the long string of historical properties I’d love to be able to afford:

This lovely late-16th century home can be yours for just £1,250,000!

A follow-up to a story I wrote about last July:

* V&A to buy Cardinal Wolsey tomb statues

And now on to the videos!

* Preview for US airing of Wolf Hall – It will be on PBS’ Masterpiece starting Sunday April 5.

* An interesting insight into the research behind designing the look of Wolf Hall with Catherine Fletcher, one of the historical advisors to the show:

* A look at Cardinal Wolsey’s Hampton Court by Jonathan Foyle:

* And finally, a talk by Jessie Childs at the Jaipur Literature Festival on her book God’s Traitors: Religious Terrorism in Elizabethan England (The sound is low on this one, so if you turn up the volume to listen to it watch out for other sounds that might come up really loud and startle you like my new mail alert did!)

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