Sunday Short Takes

Of course, the big story this week was the newest round of results and discoveries from the continued testing of the skeleton of Richard III. I’ll recap all of that in a separate post since there is a lot of interesting information to talk about.

From the other news of the week:

* Tudors at sea: 8 ways to survive a voyage

* Rare 17th century map of Manchester found in John Rylands Library goes on show

* Tanner Ritchie Publishing is holding its annual holiday sale, a great time to grab some downloads of primary sources.

* A Code of Conduct for Historians – a thought-provoking article from Suzannah Lipscomb for History Today

* Death at St Paul’sRichard Dale investigates the mysterious death of Richard Hunne in Lollards Tower at Old St Paul’s, one of the most notorious episodes of the English Reformation. You can learn more in an interview with the author on the History Today podcast: Murder in the Cathedral


  1. The article on Hunne’s death was fascinating! The evidence that the murdered man had his hair combed and his cap put back on his head before being strung up (to explain his broken neck) has a curious echo in the death of Amy Robsart, found at the foot of the stairs, also with a broken neck but allegedly with her headdress intact.

  2. Yes! It reminded me of that too (great minds, and all that). It’s a really interesting story, which is why I was a little surprised that I’d never come across it before – at least that I can recall. It makes me wonder how many more fascinating tales there are buried in various documents!

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