Sunday Short Takes

Yes, two blog posts in one day! I would love to say that I used my extra hour from the time change for extra productivity, but in reality I was catching up on about two weeks’ worth of not enough sleep (seriously, I can’t believe I managed to sleep nearly 10 hours in each of the last two nights, I was that tired).

* Jousting secret explains how Charles Brandon rose in the court of Henry VIII[N]ew records show how he managed to stay in favour at court – by always letting the King win at jousting.

* Richard III: First images of the vault which will house the royal remains

* Leanda de Lisle discusses Lady Jane Grey on the Distinguished Lives podcast

And finally…

* Lecture from the Ordinary Meeting of Fellows of the Society of Antiquaries of London – ‘Painting, Practice and Purpose: The “Making Art in Tudor Britain” Project at the National Portrait Gallery’, by Dr Tarnya Cooper, FSA, and Dr Charlotte Bolland.

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