Sunday Short Takes

The biggest story of the week were further details on the death of Ricard III –

* King Richard III’s Final Moments Were Quick & Brutal

* King Richard III killed by blows to skull

* Richard III died in battle after losing helmet, new research shows

And other news from the week –

* Mary, Queen of Scots letter auction sells for £17,472

* Wolf Halls: take a look inside the properties where the new BBC series is filmed

* ‘A World of Their Design’: The men who shaped Tudor diplomacy – Podcast from The National Archives featuring historian Lauren Mackay

And just for fun –

Elizabethan Pageant from Historyworks on Vimeo. – A recreation of Elizabeth I’s progress to Cambridge for the 450th anniversary of the event.

One Comment:

  1. Make believe and all that, but I would have been jumping up and down with excitement in seeing “Bessie One” at the pageant in Cambridge. Surprised the heck outta me how so many tourists barely gave the procession a glance. I would have followed it from building, to street, to ending 🙂

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