Frequently Asked Questions of 2013

Yes, it’s that time of year again – time to tally up the most popular topics of the questions that came in to the Questions and Answers Blog in the past year!

The number of questions declined a little from the previous year but not by much. For reasons that I’ve mentioned before, that’s not too surprising with the end of “The Tudors” and with the back-log of questions that have already been asked and answered. A few came in related to “The White Queen”, but not a whole lot.

The topics were pretty varied this past year. The highest number of questions were related to finding topics to research for college-level papers, in particular topics related to Tudor women. And, similar to previous years, people were looking for information on lesser-known figures of the court, etc. that they came across while doing family history research. There seems to be a little bit of an increase in architectural questions, which I love since that’s one of my big interests (that I still need to learn a lot about). A lot of the remaining questions were pretty specific topics, many asked by writers trying to get the details correct for their works in progress (which is great!), and some questions were just from good old-fashioned curiosity (which is great too!). And of course, the individual person named most often in questions was Anne Boleyn. Our fascination with her never fades!

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