Sunday Short Takes

Another relatively short round-up this week!

An update on some of the continuing work at the site of Shakespeare’s last house, called New Place, in Stratford-upon-Avon:

* Shakespeare’s last house is ‘found’ by archaeologistsArchaeologists have been working on the site since 2009 and believe they have now identified features including kitchens and a brew house.

I received an email about this event coming up in April, but I thought I would go ahead and post it now in case it sells out:

* Tudor England conference with Dr. David Starkey – The event is on April 27, 2014 in Cambridge.

And finally:

* A tour of Tudor Christmas Customs at Blakesley Hall

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  1. Time Team did a special on New Place in 2012 entitled ‘Searching for Shakespeare’s House’. In addition to a covering what the archaeologists had already uncovered, TT’s own Phil Harding was able to help with a small dig on the lawn, outside the sphere of the famous mulberry tree of course. The programme visited the site of the Rose Theatre along with the Globe. Some well known Shakespearean experts also gave their opinions on his life. It was an interesting follow up to the official Dig for Shakespeare website which had/has not been updated since May 2011. One of the archaeologists mentioned the possibility of a brewhouse being on the site (which allowed the aforementioned Phil Harding to indulge his passion for ale and see how it was brewed in the sixteenth century). If you have a real interesting in Shakespeare, the programme probably does not add much to your knowledge but it is worth a watch anyway. It used to be available on You Tube but for us in the UK it has been removed. It may still be available outside the UK though. In the UK we need to visit the 4OD website.

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