Picture of the Week #248

Wax Figure of Henry VIII. Photo June 2000

This was at Brading – The Experience waxworks museum on the Isle of Wight, the same place as the one of Elizabeth I that posted in Picture of the Week #116. I poked around to see what had become of the site since the museum closed and it looks like the newer parts were demolished last year for a housing development and the historic building is being repurposed.


Picture of the Week #248 — 3 Comments

  1. Hmmm…Why doesn’t Henry look like Eric Bana or Jonathan Ryes-Myers??? LOL
    Will say, I always get a start when seeing Henry and he looks nothing like Keith Michell!! Keith was ‘my’ Henry when growing up.

  2. Yeah, Keith Michell is pretty much “my” Henry as well. 🙂

    When the waxworks closed down they sold off everything and I have to wonder if someone bought ol’ Henry and has him propped up in the corner of their living room or something…

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