Sunday Short Takes

Lots of articles related to the 500th anniversary of the Battle of Flodden on Monday the 9th:

* 500 years ago- the bloodiest of battles

* 500th anniversary of the Battle of Flodden – the last time a British king died in battle

* Your 60-second guide to the battle of Flodden

* Excavation search for soldiers killed on Flodden battlefield

* Battle of Flodden burial excavation work begins

One of the stories that lit up my news alerts and Twitter stream was, unfortunately, also quite “Ewwwwww”-inducing:

* Soil samples show Richard III suffered from roundworm – and here’s another version of the story with a short video clip with one of the scientists involved in the work.

First in a set of follow-ups – some results from the 3-D scanning of tombs that I linked to previously here and here have been revealed:

* Tudor sculptures reassembled with help from 3D scanning

* Unfinished Tudor Sculptures Recreated

And a couple of follow-up stories related to Kenilworth Castle:

* Kenilworth Castle moat flood plans put on hold – I thought I had previously mentioned the discussions about re-flooding the mere at Kenilworth but I couldn’t find a post about it. Well, it looks like the plans are on hold for now anyway.

* Viewing platforms set back until February – (previous mention of the viewing platforms here back when I still thought I was going to get back there this year! *pout*)

And last, but definitely not least…

* The Tudor Ghost Story Contest is on again this year over at On the Tudor Trail!

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