Sunday Short Takes

Leanda de Lisle had a couple of interesting articles out this past week:

* Anne Boleyn’s last secretWhy was the queen executed with a sword, rather than an axe?

* Don’t always blame the mothersWith the kitsch BBC drama The White Queen moving to its conclusion Margaret Beaufort is the villainess viewers love to hate.

And there were a few articles from BBC History Extra website about the Battle of Bosworth:

* Historians identify ‘spot where Richard III was killed in battle’

* How re-enactments could one day help us understand the final moments of Richard III

Also from BBC History Magazine, the September 2013 issue has a cover article on the 500th anniversary of the Battle of Flodden between England and Scotland.

And finally:

* New Shakespearean Prose Found in Old Play – I couldn’t resist posting this since it is from my university!

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