Sunday Short Takes

We seem to be into the slow news part of the summer, but a few things of interest did show up last week.

I also want to mention that I’ve been moving some files around and (hopefully) updating all the internal links to reflect the new locations, but if you find a broken link please let me know. And I’ve been making some changes to the front page – I’ve removed a few things and moved a few other things around. It’s still a work in progress as I’m trying to consolidate some of the sections as part of a cunning plan (yes, I’ve been re-watching Blackadder recently, why do you ask?) 😉

And now, on to the news!

* Suzannah Lipscomb did a short film for the Chalke Valley History Hub on Why the Tudors Matter:

* Family Tree: From Henry VII to James VI and I – Neat interactive of the old painting from History Today. Also mentioned on the page is an upcoming article about Margaret Douglas by Leanda de Lisle in the August issue.

And speaking of Leanda de Lisle, her husband Peter has updated and re-launched his European Heraldry site. As an example of the great graphics on the site, the arms of Henry VII are included below (click for a larger view).

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