Sunday Short Takes

Another busy week!

The big story this week is the opening of the new museum for the Mary Rose. I saved a bunch of articles over the week, so linked below are the ones that I thought had the most interesting information and/or pictures (including video).

* Inside the new Mary Rose museum – From “The Telegraph”

* Inside the new Mary Rose museum – From Channel 4 (be sure to catch the video further down the page of Suzannah Lipscomb discussing “Tudor mania”)

* Tributes paid to Mary Rose 470 years after she sank as new £27million museum is opened with artefacts from one of Britain’s most famous ships – From The Daily Mail

* The Mary Rose: A Tudor ship’s secrets revealed – From the BBC (includes an interactive graphic and information on the faces of the sailors reconstructed from the skeletons recovered from the wreck)

* Living relatives of Mary Rose crew may be identified through DNA – Also from The Telegraph

And in other news…

* Hay Festival 2013: John Guy and 16th-century gossip

* An A-Z of Interesting Things about Elizabethan England – Another podcast from the UK National Archives, this time a talk by Ian Mortimer, who also is presenting the “Time Travellers Guide to Elizabethan England” as part of the BBC2 “Tudor Court Season” (see below)

And finally,

For those of us not in the UK, the two most recent BBC2 “Tudor Court Season” programs have been uploaded to YouTube:

* Henry VII: Winter King, presented by Thomas Penn

* Time Travellers Guide To Elizabethan England, presented by Ian Mortimer. Part 2 is set to run next week.

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