Sunday Short Takes

Only a few things to post about this week, and only one of them is strictly Tudor history related!

First, I wanted to post something about this event now, instead of waiting for my monthly round-up, since it sounds like the tickets are going fast:

* BBC History Magazine events – Talking Tudor – This sounds like a wonderful event, I wish I could attend! Sometimes they record event talks and then put them out in their podcast feed, which I hope will be the case here. There is quite a line-up of speakers: Chris Skidmore, Thomas Penn, Robert Hutchinson, Anna Whitelock, Steven Gunn, and Suzannah Lipscomb.

The next thing is just an interesting page I stumbled across:

* English in Time – A series of articles about the history of the English language from the Oxford English Dictionary, with the promise of more on the way.

And finally, I’m sure most of you have already seen this, but it was too cute for me to resist!

* The 15th-Century Equivalent of Your Cat Walking on Your Keyboard

(Click to the article for a bigger view)

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