Sunday Short Takes

The last few weeks have been a lesson in “no matter how long you have to wait, keep following a story!”. The most recent example relates to a portrait of Elizabeth I that I first posted about nearly 5 years ago that is now going on display after authentication and conservation work.

* Rare portrait of Elizabeth I owned by North Carolina Garden Club shown in Washington

* Elizabeth I as you’ve never seen her before: Portrait showing off her wrinkles goes on display

In continuing Richard III news:

* Richard III tomb design proposed by society

* Richard III follow-up documentary to air on More4 this month – This one sounds like it might have more of the science of the investigation in it.

And of course the Richard III discovery has prompted several calls for new digs to find other historical people. This one has some promise though –

* Cardinal Wolsey ‘could be found in Leicester’

And a couple of other interesting stories:

* Henry VII: Forgotten Welsh king? – (warning – embedded audio automatically plays)

* Portsmouth Mary Rose museum secures final £35,000 – Including a few £ from me!


  1. Do you know if/where we can watch the Richard III documentary in the U.S.?

  2. I’ve been keeping my eyes open for any news of the Richard III doc airing here in the US, but nothing so far. There are ways to see it if you know where to look, but of course they aren’t strictly legal! 🙂

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