Sunday Short Takes

Well, here we are finally on the eve of the big announcement from the University of Leicester! Just a reminder, you can get info from their website here: and this one will be re-launched after the press conference: And don’t forget the documentary that will run on Channel 4 later in the evening.

I’m guessing that the vast majority of people interested in the findings will get the info through avenues other than my website or Twitter account, so I’ll probably just do a round-up at the end of the day of the articles I found most interesting or informative.

Other news from the week:

* I totally missed posting about this year’s Catherine of Aragon Festival at Peterborough Cathedral, but to make up for it, here is a page with photos and videos from this year’s celebration.

* Historic Royal Palaces has launched a podcast series commemorating the ten people named on the memorial to those executed on Tower Green.

* And the Mary Rose Trust has started a Just Giving campaign to raise the final

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