Sunday Short Takes

As occasionally happens, a story that isn’t really “new” all of a sudden becomes “news”. In this case, the portrait above, which was called Katherine Parr for years, has been re-identified as Catherine of Aragon. I knew of the new identification a few years back (which is why there is a note about it in my Katherine Parr gallery… and I still haven’t re-done the galleries so it is still there waiting to be moved!) And it appears that the reason that it is all over the news now is that the National Portrait Gallery in London has put it on display with a portrait of a younger Henry VIII. Be sure to check out their article about the conservation of the portrait. (My copy, above, is pre-conservation.) Here’s just a sampling of the links that came through my news alerts:

* National Portrait Gallery reunites Henry VIII with Catherine of Aragon

* Catherine of Aragon reunited with King Henry VIII… but only as an oil painting

* Tudor portrait re-identified after experts notice Henry VIII’s wife was wearing the wrong clothes

The University of Leicester has announced the date and time for the Richard III excavation press conference and the associated documentary from Channel 4! Unfortunately the press conference will be at 4 a.m. in my time zone so I probably won’t be watching live.

* Date set for Search for Richard III press conference

* Richard III: The King in the Car Park

And a few other stories:

* Views fit for a queen for first time in centuriesKenilworth Castle will proudly show off views not seen in centuries thanks to plans by plans by English Heritage to transform the remains with innovative viewing platforms. (I hope they have it finished by mid-May, when I hope to be there!)

* Elizabeth’s faithful tutorSimon Adams and David Scott Gehring explain how the Virgin Queen’s little-known teacher may have influenced the religious policies of her reign

* RSC wins rights to stage Hilary Mantel’s Thomas Cromwell novels

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