Frequently Asked Questions of 2012

As we start another new year, it’s once again time for the round-up of questions that were submitted to the Questions and Answers Blog the over the course of the previous year.

The number of questions has continued to drop off, this time down to about 130. I still think that it is mostly due to the end of “The Tudors” and that people who are just now watching it can find a lot of their answers in the archives. I have to admit that the slower pace of incoming questions was a bit of a relief too since I had such a busy year!

Two main subjects came in as the most popular types of questions this year. The first were questions about primary sources (where to find some, specific questions on a source, etc.) which is awesome to see. The other, also pretty neat, were people looking for information on some less well-known Tudor-era figures that they had traced their ancestry to. (Which reminds me, once again, I need to find out more about my Norris ancestors from Norfolk from that time period. Could be something interesting in there!) Next up were Stuart’s questions to help his recreation of Henry VIII’s 1513 invasion of France. Be sure to check out his blog for lots of photos of the great work he’s been doing!

Of individual people, Elizabeth I and the wives of Henry VIII (with Anne Boleyn, as usual, leading the group) got the the most questions. Henry VIII got quite a few too, as well as lots of questions about other Tudor figures besides the wives and monarchs. Burials, tombs, and funeral practices were popular topics once again, although I think they are still down from previous years. Clothing, jewelry and portraits came up with some frequency again this year. Opinions on books and authors and ideas for papers or projects continued to be popular topics. Possible bastards of Henry VIII made an appearance again, but only a couple of questions this time (although there are continuing comments on the older posts). The rest were a variety of topics including architecture, wars, MPs, court customs and much more.

I’m looking forward to the questions that 2013 brings!

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