Upcoming book and exhibition for January 2013

2013 is starting off with a couple of things to look forward to!


David Loades has another book on a wife of Henry VIII, this time wife no. 3 Jane Seymour. It’s out at the end of January in the UK and is listed as February 2013 for the US:


This looks really interesting:

Hidden: Unseen Paintings Beneath Tudor Portraits will run from January 3, 2013 to June 2, 2013 at the National Portrait Gallery in London.

A description of the exhibit from the website:

Recent technical analysis undertaken as part of the Making Art in Tudor Britain project has revealed that some of the Gallery’s sixteenth-century portraits were painted over pre-existing paintings. This could have occurred for a variety of reasons and provides fascinating insight into artistic production during the period.

This display highlights two rare examples in which paintings with religious iconography have been discovered beneath portraits. Images generated by analytical techniques such as x-radiography and infrared reflectography are used to reveal the hidden paintings, and the portraits are also paired with loans from other collections to give an impression of the underlying compositions. The display also includes an interesting portrait with a fragment from a decorative scheme on the reverse, which suggests that it was originally intended to be viewed from both sides.

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Upcoming book and exhibition for January 2013 — 8 Comments

  1. Hi Lara,

    Thanks for the tip on the NPG exhibition. I’m in London 14-16th of January for a meeting at the National Archives, so might just squeeze it in. Thanks for all the tips you give – and for all your work on the website, in fact.

    Hope you had a good Christmas and I wish you a very Happy New Year. Is it in 2013 that you are coming over to the UK again?

  2. Thanks Marilyn! I hope you’ve have a great holiday season as well! I am still hoping to get to the UK in 2013, probably in May. I’ll drop you an email when I get to the planning stages since I think I’ll be up in your area if I do make it!

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  4. I attended this “exhibition” on January 10 during a research trip to London. Based on the publicity and my previous familiarity with the massive Making Art in Tudor Britain project being conducted by the NPG, I was excited at the prospect. What a dud. Two paintings tucked in a corner with a couple of photos of xrays and a brief blurb on a label. That was all! The “exhibition” was more of an after-thought display. I assume (hope) there will be a much larger exhibition when the Making Art project is completed and the book about it is published! But at the moment, it’s not worth the price of a Tube ticket.

  5. I notice they now list it in their “displays” section of the website, which sounds like it is a more appropriate description.

    I too am hoping for a big “Making Art” display at some point (when I can hopefully go see it) since I’ve been following the project of a while and it has been very interesting!

  6. Errrrr, I should have said “Making Art” *exhibition* since more “displays” is exactly what I don’t want!

  7. Hi Lara, just wanted to drop a line to let Tudor enthusiasts know that I’ve written a fictional piece entitled “Past Imperfect.” This story deals with four individuals who live in midwest America but have recurring dreams about life in sixteenth century England at Henry VIII’s court. Convinced they have ‘lived before’ and possibly even knew each other in their past lives, they travel to England to try and resolve their karmic puzzle.

    Past Imperfect discusses many of the Tudor personalities in depth and even includes a biographical guide at the back of the book for reference. It’s available in paperback and ebook format on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and through my website at http://www.lindathayer.com. Please visit my blog ~ I would love to chat about anything and everything Tudor!

  8. I agree with PhD. I was there on 16th January and was so disappointed I asked an attendant if that was it. (Loved the Marilyn Monroe exhibition, though.) Fortunately I was staying very close by so hadn’t made any great effort to get there, but really it isn’t worth advertising, and if I’d had to make a special effort I wouldn’t have been too happy.

    Thought the Katherine Parr was as gorgeous as ever – love those fur sleeves.

    Hope you got back home again without a struggle, PhD – they turn a bit soft down south when they have a bit of snow. We’re much tougher up north!